Animal Services

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As much as we love animals domestic and wild, it’s simply a fact that the messes left behind by our furred and feathered friends must be handled with care. Safe and thorough cleanup up urine, feces, and animal remains requires much more than removing the offending material; animal waste creates a biohazard that must be cleaned up correctly to remove odors, prevent future infestations, and protect humans and other animals from disease.

Forensic Restorations Services in Sullivan, IL, specializes in biohazard cleanup and restoration for all types of creature-related messes, including dead animal removal, animal waste cleanup, animal damage restorations, and wild animal waste cleanup. If your home or office has experienced damage from animals, contact our cleanup team at External link opens in new tab or window217-254-6364. We’ll get you cleaned up, smelling fresh, and running smoothly in no time.