COVID-19 Disinfection & Cleaning

How We Are Protecting Our Customers:

As a company experienced in all levels of hazardous cleaning, we take cleanliness and decontamination seriously. You can rely on our professional cleaners to not only adhere to state and national guidelines on social distancing and personal protective equipment while in your home or business, but you can be rest assured that our equipment and tools are also cleaned and disinfected between clients.


Why We Are The Best Choice For You:

COVID-19 isn’t your standard germ, dirt, or grime you want eliminated. Our Professionals are trained and authorized for COVID-19 decontamination. We are well trained in the proper cleaning and disinfection of this virus, as well as many other contaminates. Trust us to make your property safe for your employees, customers, or family.

We are a premier cleaning company in the state of Illinois with specialized training in decontaminating the Coronavirus! Watch the video:

We are the best in town when it comes to forensic cleaning and decontamination. From unattended death cleanup, to mold remediation, and biological animal cleanup, we are here to restore your property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.