Homicide & Suicide Cleanup

Forensic Restoration Services provides professional and compassionate homicide and suicide cleanup services for residential and commercial property owners in Decatur IL, Bloomington IL, Charleston IL, Urbana IL, Effingham IL, Springfield IL, Champaign IL, Sullivan IL, and Mattoon IL.

Forensic cleanup is complicated. In addition to blood and bodily fluids, the site of a death may also suffer from damages caused by law enforcement and other authorities. It requires expert knowledge and training to successfully remove tear gas, fingerprint dust, luminol, and other potentially toxic chemicals left behind following an investigation. Cleanup may feel overwhelming, but the experts at Forensic Restoration Services are here to help.

Compassion and Discretion

We understand that you’re going through a challenging time; rest assured that our teams will handle your cleanup job with dignity and compassion. We’ll do whatever we need to do to restore the death site to make it safe, sanitized, and livable again. Our crews and trucks are discreet; we won’t attract any attention while we’re on-site.

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