Understanding the Dos and Don'ts of Crime Scene Cleanup

A crime is committed in your home, on your property, or at your business. The crime may involve a murder or a vicious assault. The police will investigate the scene to solve the crime. At some point, the investigation will end, and the police will leave. The scene can be horrifying and emotional, particularly if a member of your family or an employee of your business is a victim. Even if there's only a small amount of blood or body fluid at the crime scene, the possibility of the spread of bacteria or disease is present. It's important to understand the dos and don'ts of cleaning a crime scene. Keep reading and learn why you should hire the professionals.

Reporting the Crime

Generally, there’s no legal duty to report a crime. There are some exceptions. For example, in some states, you can be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to report a crime involving a serious injury or death. If your loved one has been killed or injured, you'll want to report the crime because you want the killer or assailant brought to justice. Report the crime immediately, so the police can start an investigation. Don’t touch anything at a crime scene. It could be dangerous to your health, and you don't want to interfere with the investigation of the scene.

Hiring Crime Scene Cleaners

Once the police leave the scene, you need to hire professionals to clean the scene. The scene may contain hazardous material, such as blood and body fluids. There exists the possibility of the spread of bacteria and viruses, such as HIV, MRSA, hepatitis C, and influenza. You'll want to find a reliable company that provides crime scene cleaning services. The area must be sanitized and disinfected for the safety of you, your family, and your employees. The process takes experience, training, and the right equipment.

Choosing a Crime Scene Cleaner

Choose your crime scene cleaner carefully. Ask law enforcement officers at the scene for recommendations or ask for referrals from other people. Agencies that assist victims may have suggestions. Research online for companies so you can see how long the company has been in business and read reviews from past customers. You also want to make sure the company is licensed and insured.

When looking for a reliable company, check out the services rendered. Some viruses can stay dormant for years, only to become active again and infect you, your family, or employees in the future. Even a small trace of blood can present a danger. Look for a company that spells out the steps it will take to rid your home or business of potential dangers. You can find a crime scene restoration company in Decatur, IL, that will have your home or business looking like it did before the crime.


Your homeowners' insurance may help pay for crime scene cleanup for murders, attempted murders, or unattended deaths. Check the language of your policy or contact your insurance adjuster.

Leaving Your Home During the Cleanup

You'll want to leave your home or business during the crime scene cleanup process. The environment isn't safe until it has been sanitized, disinfected, and remediated. When you return to your home or business, you'll be ready to put the horrifying event behind you.

No one ever wants to have to think about a crime being in committed in their home or business. But if it does and you need a crime scene cleaning service, call Forensic Restoration Services at (217) 254-6364. Our trained professionals will clean and disinfect your home or business, so you, your family, or employees can return to a safe environment.